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Walkthrough 1


Equip the Protect Ring in Julian and the Life Ring in Dantares. Masquirin and Synbios if level 6 can follow aswell. In the start of the battle, have them all cross the track by their 3rd turn. Dantares has the best walking range and must be the one who pushes the switch. If you don't switch the tracks, all refugees die.

NOTE: These four are the easiest to cross the track before the train blocks it, and due to this I suggest you to try them... but it's just my personal strategy. It is possible to have up to 5 characters to cross the track if you manage to place them correctly

Now, back to my strategy... The other team (Obright, Grace, Hayward and Irene) should go to the right to defeat most of the enemies, including the boss.

Playing as the refugees, just advance the maximum possible, and try to cross the tracks before the soldiers reach them. By doing this, Julian's team will be able to get the Gale Ring in the rock between tracks and attract the enemies, so they won't attack the refugees. Since Grace and Irene cannot be in this team, you must heal wounds by using the Protect Ring (use for Heal LV2) and items (due to this the Life Ring is so useful, since it regens HP).

Grace's team can get the Healing Drop in a tree, and the Large Mithril in a rock near the boss

Once the refugees cross the track, the train will block the soldiers, and they will be safe. You made it! Get them far as possible away, as occasionally a straggling soldier will attack

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Not killing spiriel
by not killing spiriel in chapter 6 you can play as spiriel in scenario 3, however if she dies, oddly enough she isn't there


This foxy devil is a dab hand with halberds. and has the looks that kill

Creating an Ark Halberd
okay so everyone seens to be stuck or frustrated on making an Ark Halberd, it's really not complicated
At the Smithy in Malorie, there's two ways to get it, either by rushing as fast as possible or by waiting 7 seconds to speak to the blacksmith, this is not always the case, as it's 7 seconds from when you enter the room, difficult to count, I know, but it's worth it

Penn !!!
This secret Character Penn, is the weirdest character in the game, however, by building him up he becomes stronger than several characters, including Hagane for one.
When you give the Chicken Feed to a hen inside the train, it will follow you to the next town and be sat in the corner, when you buy the Large Egg in Vagabond, using it on the hen will make it hatch, then when it runs off, you see it next in Storich, it then joins you
PENN IS LEVEL 1 UNPROMOTED so wait until the trials or give him the iburu ring to use, when friends with Noon and Masquirin, it increases the strength of the spark effect.


Useless at first, yet proves to be THE best odd character in Scenario 1, and better than most!


"Images used by kind permission of Shining Force Central"