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Walkthrough part 1

Walkthrough 1



After the game introduction and some long conversation with King Benetram, Dantares will join the force. Playing as Synbios, exit the room and Grace appears to talk to you. She will call Masqurin and they both will join the force. You will receive a cut flower, this item is very useful later on in the game. I won’t spoil it here however


 Synbios is the main hero, the warrior of the force.

Dantares is the knight of the force, and very agile

Masquirin deals in attack magic,fairly weak at first


Grace is useful in both attack and defence magic

Before leaving the building take note of these items

- 10 gold coins - shelf in a room on the 1st floor.
- Healing Drop - check the vase with plant in the same room you found the gold coins.
- Potion - inside treasure chest in the 2nd floor. Be sure to save this one for harder battles later in the game.

You are then free to explore the town, note in one house you see Penn’s egg

- 05 gold coins - inside a shelf in soldier's dormitory.
- 05 gold coins - inside shelf in another house.
- 10 gold coins - inside the house where the bouncing egg (Penn) is.
- Healing Drop - in the item shop, check a barrel behind the seller.
- Health Bread - inside a treasure chest in a house.
- Large Mithril - inspect a crate inside the white house                            

In the central area of the city (near the fountain) there's a laundry in the roof of the bar. A centaur is up there: you should talk to him and answer "Yes" to his question. The knight here is Arthur


Arthur is the only knight with magic in any scenario, he is very useful, but is nonplayable until scenario 2

After exploring the city, enter the area dominated by the Imperial guards, after a brief chat with your heroes from scenario 2 it’s on to your very first battle!

The Masked Monks are very easy to defeat however I suggest that you do this battle a couple of times, to get characters to at least level 3 or 4, as the next battle has bats and Grace learns Antidote  at level 4 and since bats poison it’s a godsend.


At the start of the bridge battle, the Impostor will escape with some followers.


Hayward is an extremely useful character, able to attack from a distance, he is overlooked quite a lot, in battle talk to him and he joins, however if he dies you miss out on an A class archer

Remember to destroy the barrel by the docks to get to the iron bracer, very useful as it raises attack, you can get this after the battle

Escape from Saraband:

If Garosh dies, speak to his Girlfriend, she releases the doves, also speak to the little boy inside as he gives you a silver ring, yet again useful (I equip it on Hayward as his defence is really poor to start with)

However, if you saved Garosh, he joins the party during scenario 2

However if Garosh joins you are unable to get Jade, but it’s irrelevant for UK gamers


Jade is a tank gunner from scenario 2, yet again slightly irrelevant

Remember to get the Iron Bracer in a treasure chest by the cargo area (if you broke the barrel during the battle) then you may leave the city of Saraband.

Then follows a very difficult battle if you aren’t strong enough, but breeze through if strong enough with more mask monks and Saraband Knights, which isn’t that difficult really, it’s just irritating if a character dies early on in the game

The Impostor and some of his followers will escape again, taking Emperor Domaric (hopefully, because at this point of the game your party is no match for them). However it is entirely possible if Dantares is Level 5/6 to catch the impostor up and attack him. (For this you need Dantares to get EVERY kill and also return 2/3 times per battle)


Immediately head to the Inn to talk with the masked monks, when you exit and head back in the end room has the Power Wine, from there head to the end of the wall and walk through the wall you’ll head round the back towards this character

Barnard joins the party during scenario 2, untying him he considers you an enemy. Irrelevant really

Be sure to talk to everyone and enter all the houses to get the following goodies:

- 05 gold coins - shelf in a house.
- 10 gold coins - shelf in the old man and woman house.
- Brain Food - inspect the wall of the town between two buildings.
- Hill Ruins Map - inside chest in Duncan's house.
- Large Mithril - near the church, step on the dark square in the ground and inspect the city wall.

Haggling with the item shop gets you a Potion and a Goddess Tear for only 300 gold each


Entering the two floor house of Toby’s, Obright is on the roof, unfortunately he is quite a bad warrior, yet useful up until you find Horst, Later on he gets gold (gasp) ooh


Items found in the battlefield:

- Antidote Herb - inside barrel, break it to get.
- Medical Herb - inside barrel, break it to get.
- Steel Bracer - inside treasure chest.

Doing the batlle 2/3 times again should get your characters to level 5 at least, but spend time with Obright and Hayward as they’re not as strong…

Note: If you missed the Steel Bracer in the last battle, there's still a way to get it: cast the Return spell to go back to Balsamo. Then enter the well and you will be able to explore the Dwarf Valley again.

No time to rest now however, as Synbios and Co encounter more monsters, more powerful than before


Once you enter a tomb, you must get all the possible treasures, once the thief has got them, as you are unable to open the chests *

*In this Tomb, the Life Ring is in the locked chest, so you must let the Thief get it first, then attack him to receive the item!

In the unlocked chest you can find a Healing Drop. Be sure to do not miss the Life Ring, it will be a great help during the entire game, recovering health points etc. Remember that Synbios cannot enter tombs.


End Of Chapter 1





"Images used by kind permission of Shining Force Central"